Public Trust Doctrine affects the Couture proposal

Preserve Our Parks’ Position Paper on how the Public Trust Doctrine affects the Couture proposal

This position paper has been distributed to decision makers in the State, County and City to explain POP’s stand. It also has been sent to ecologically-focused organizations throughout Wisconsin asking their support and financial help in the battle, including legal action if necessary. More than just a local issue, rejecting Public Trust Doctrine undoubtedly would lead to widespread commercial development of land-filled areas of lakes, rivers and creeks across the state. Once there’s a foot in the door….

We also appeal for help from concerned individuals. To offer support, please contact POP President John Lunz at (414) 461-7288, email us at or write to:

Preserve Our Parks
1845 N. Farwell Avenue, Suite 100
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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The Couture and the Public Trust Doctrine: Preserve Our Park's Position PDF