Simple Park funding facts

  1. Thirty-two years ago the Milwaukee County Parks budget was $45,114,557.   The budget is $34,674,715 for 2018.

  2. In 1986 the Parks budget was nearly 29 percent of the total County property tax levy.  For 2018 it is 4.27 percent of the total County tax levy.

  3. The total County budget was $575 million in 1986 and today it is 1.15 billion.   While county budgeted expenditures have doubled over thirty-two years, the parks budget has eroded by over 10 million dollars.

  4. The total Parks Department earned revenue in 1986 was $7.4 million.  Earned revenue for the current year is slated to be $22.16 million.  This means that earned revenue has grown from 16.3 percent of total budget to 64 percent.

  5. A goal of the Abele Administration is to push the Parks earned revenue to 75 percent of total budget in future years.

What does this all mean?

It means that property tax support for our parks is expected to continue it's severe downward trend in the coming years.

In essence, it means that our parks are at critical point; one that threatens the core concept that urban parks be supported by local taxes, that the "common good" and health of our community be reflected in a well cared for and valued park system.  In coming years we will see more direct advertising in our parks, naming rights will be sold for major park facilities, more leasing of parkland to private entities, and the sale of parkland that is not locally zoned "park".

We need to do better. 

Preserve Our Parks is working for a better future for our Parks.  Stay tuned...