Keeping Lakefront bluffs less cluttered

As larger, taller apartments are built along the stretch of Prospect Avenue overlooking the downtown harbor, POP has become concerned about how these large bluff-top buildings will affect the green corridor of our lakefront below. POP members met to discuss our concerns with Robert Greenstreet, City director of planning and design.

POP’s point is that our tall wooded lake bluffs are a defining asset of our city. They provide a green backdrop for our waterfront beaches, parks, duck lagoon, bike trail and beautiful Lincoln Memorial Drive. If these soaring bluffs are invaded aggressively—if they are overbuilt, overlighted, deforested, or if developers create showy facades on Lincoln Memorial Drive— the lakefront’s beauty will suffer. Architectural fallout (security fences, transformer boxes, unfinished garages etc.) is another worry. The bluffs already contain too much ugly clutter.

Properties on the east side of Prospect Avenue include bluff land. They extend down the bluff to a point ten feet from the edge of the former railroad right-of-way which today contains a picturesque County bike trail. POP understands the builder’s need to maximize buildable space and profits. But we are asking the City to establish guidelines that will require builders to respect the natural wooded character of the lakefront bluffs.

POP’s also encouraging current bluff property owners to unclutter the bluff in any way they can.